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We wanted to post this review we found about us on The Wedding Secret

Wedding Videographers In Essex Review

Trapdoor Films





The exciting moment you get to look through your wedding album is always going to be special. You get to relive all the funny, happy, and tear jerking moments from the big day. Hiring the

services of professional videographers, such as Trapdoor Films, can make it that much more special.

We are a creative, dedicated, committed, hardworking team, and we love what we do.

The team at Trapdoor Films combine extensive experience, with top end hardware and software – plus plenty of natural talent thrown in for good measure – to create wedding films that perfectly

capture all the special moments from your wedding day.


The creative eyes and steady hands behind the captivating films by Trapdoor Films, belong to Martin and Michelle Stanesby.

For years both have indulged in a love for making films that feature sharp, creative shots and seamless, high quality editing, to create a beautiful, engaging works of art.

In 2014 they decided to stop doing this as a hobby and became full time, professional videographers. They have since worked at numerous weddings, parties and charitable events, producing

nothing short of gorgeous art.

The Films

Before any cameras are even turned on, Michelle and Martin will discuss with you what it is you want from the film and talk about what it is they can do to achieve this. On the day, you’ll have both

Michelle and Martin working behind the camera, capturing the best shots with creative angles.

It is then time to get editing. They’ll trawl through all the footage, finding the very best shots and sequences that will tell the story of your day; just the way that you want it to.

Watch some of their videos below to get a feel of what they can do:


Trapdoor Films work throughout the South East and are excited to get the chance to lend their skills to any happy couples in this area.


Get in touch with Trapdoor Films and to get more information.








Have a look at our wedding videography prices. You can be sure of being able to budget for your special day.

If you want to contact us about have videography for your wedding date then feel free to use our wedding contact form.

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Trapdoor Films | Wedding Videographers In Essex

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