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Stunning luxury wedding videography. Storybook feature films captured in glorious cinematic ultra wide high definition. Bringing your wedding day back to life.

Let’s make it count. Let’s do it right.

Essential Package
£1395The essential elements of the day captured
  • -
  • -
  • Arrival of the guests
  • Arrival of the bridal party
  • Ceremony
  • Speeches & toasts
  • Cutting of the cake
  • First dance
  • -
  • ----------
  • Two videographers
  • Highlight trailer hosted online
  • Feature film up to 25 minutes in length
  • Gift Boxed USB

We film a limited number of weddings per year. That’s because when we commit ourselves to filming and producing a wedding film then it gets our undivided attention.

We’ve discovered that every wedding is different. What one couple wants is not necessarily what is important to another. In addition, your wedding day might not follow a familiar format. You may even want extra elements filmed which are important to you within the time we are there.

So, if our packages don’t tick all the boxes, then we can bespoke a package to suit you. Come and talk to us.

What you can be assured of is that our wedding videography includes 2 camera operators as standard for whatever requirements you have. This is something that is rarely offered. We provide this because we believe there is no way one person can capture all that is needed during the day as a single videographer. So, if we want to offer the best service to you then we want to make sure we film as much as we can for you. This is provided within our affordable wedding videography prices.

We would love to hear about your wedding, wherever that is, and whatever the style. Simply by clicking and completing our wedding contact form we can get right back to you. If you don’t know all the details yet, don’t worry just get in touch anyway.


You will have enough on your mind in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding. So the last thing you need is to be worrying about whether your wedding videographers know what they are doing. This is why it’s important that we put your mind at rest.

We like to make sure we have everything covered. So, we like to meet with you to go through the structure of your day so we know all there is to know. Then, we will visit the venues so we know the layout, the lighting, and the best possible ways to film.


We are discreet. Our aim is to be like a fly on the wall during your day. Whilst we have had some testing experiences in the past, you can always be assured of our professional approach. So it’s important for us that your wedding videography is as good as we can produce it. We have an invested interest in your wedding day, and so you can be sure of our complete focus and attention.


All good films are made in the editing room…This is where we excel!

For us, it’s where the film comes alive; it is where it takes shape; and this is also where it can make or break your film. We do not rush post production because the film has to look right. If we aren’t feeling it then we re-do it.

To often we have seen wedding videos that have video to background music, like a montage of clips. With our productions you will see that we integrate our films with the music. In other words, the two become one, almost as though the soundtrack was written specifically for your wedding film! We also spend time grading the finished edit to make sure the film takes on a feature film look.


There is also a temptation to overuse certain filming techniques, and we’ve seen this in many wedding videos. We’ve also seen a much over used format to editing, a kind of ‘one format works for all’ approach. For us this just lacks creativity and vision. Every wedding film is individual and has it’s own feel. As your wedding videographers we need to make sure we get this, and portray it.

Ultimately, when we watch your film back we want to be moved. We want to be excited about how you will feel when you watch it. This means a lot to us, which is why you are sure to love the result.

Luxury wedding videography with high end results for you. Affordable wedding videography prices. Your wedding videographer in Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding counties.

Have a look at our wedding videos and see if you like our style.


Let`s Capture Your Story.

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