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Is video production for charities necessary? Are there too many charity videos on the TV and internet? Are the public becoming numb to charity video appeals? Do you wonder how you can make your charity video stand out amongst the crowd?


It could be a harder task than ever before to appeal to the good nature of the public to support a charitable cause. With TV broadcast saturated with advert appeals to encourage us to give to various charitable causes; as a charity you may wonder how you can make your video achieve more impact than what’s already out there.


We need charitable organisations, and charitable organisations need support. It’s easy to take things for granted and we can forget that in the background charities are constantly working to help keep the cogs turning. Without them and the support they receive there would be such a collapse in society, more than we could realise.


So, charities are necessary, and charities need a good visual impact to help make us all aware of what is at stake, and to appeal for support. One of the ways this can be done is with video. Video is now undoubtedly the greatest way to communicate. Quite simply, everyone wants to see things in action, whether it’s something to purchase, something to do, a place to go, and experience, a memory, music, tips, tutorials, products, and reviews. Therefore videos are necessary for fundraising, appeals, public awareness, news, and promotional purposes.


There are a huge amount of charity videos in circulation, but without them how would we know? How would they be able to reach out to the public for support? The moment we are not made aware is the moment we can turn a blind eye. There can never be too many charity videos to keep us aware of the reality, encourage us to take part, and ask for support. It’s easy to become numb to charity videos which is why it is important for the video to have an impact. It’s important not to rely solely on tugging at the heart strings. Emotive videos are great, but great scripting, the right sound track, and thought provoking ideas will help the video to rise above the others. More importantly, it will help to stay in people’s minds rather than blend in with others. Don’t forget that people actually have to watch your charity video or any sort of video to remember it. So it is important that you are able to reach a large audience. By getting hold of an iptv headend could help you on your way to outsourcing your video across many networks so it will become almost impossible for anyone to forget it.

Below is a selection from the video production for charities by Trapdoor Films. If you would like to see more then you can visit our charity video production.



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