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A special place

“Pardon Mill …..a special place…”

What a true statement this was in this special documentary we produced.

Tucked away on the outskirts of Harlow in Essex is this home to creativity called Parndon Mill. Over 30 different creative businesses, arts, and creative designers have made their home in this hidden treasure. Many would not even know it is there. This hub of creativity was a flour mill a long time ago, and today Parndon Mill still holds it’s character in it’s beautiful surrounds.

This filming project was one of our first, and so filming a documentary video production was in at the deep end you could say. However, had we produced this now we would have made some changes to the way we filmed it. Robert Halfon MP narrated this film. Situated amidst it’s tranquil surroundings set next to the River Stort are the grounds of The Mll, and this is often the location where Robert Halfon would have his lunch.


More than just a filming project

During the film we interviewed both Sally Anderson and Roger Lee. Sally, being the owner and founder of Parndon Mill, gives a lovely brief over view of the history. Whereas Roger Lee takes care of the everyday running of the mill. Both are passionate artists themselves and have even worked together on projects. What comes across in the often emotional interview is how in love they both are with what goes on within the Mill. In Roger’s own words “…it’s the people that are Parndon Mill”.

We had the pleasure of visiting some of the varied different works that go on behind closed doors. For us this was quite enlightening and we learnt a lot. This was more than just a filming project, it was also quite a privilege. To make sure we were able to coincide with some of the busy schedules there, we had to film this over many many weeks.


We hope you enjoy this short documentary and welcome your comments.




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  1. Dorthy on June 30, 2018 at 7:20 am Reply

    Such a beautiful and moving production. Loved it. Dorthy Majewski (nee Klaprat)

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