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Wedding videos....should I, or shouldn't I?

With a list of things to organise and pay for, the costs mounting up, we can understand how deciding to hire a wedding videographer can seem out of budget. However, we believe top quality wedding videos are the only real way to preserve such memories as it actually happened! A still image can provoke the memories to come back, but to actually watch it as though you were there; re-living the day again; being taken on that emotional roller coaster again; is there really a better way?

There is so much going on during the big day and the day goes all too quickly when there's so much to take in. You can only be in one place at one time on your wedding day, and often little things are missed. Trapdoor Films can be in more than one place at one time with our videographers, so there is likely to be more than you realised happening on your day.

Go on, go for it. Bring your wedding day back to life!

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