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We provide wedding videography. Our creations are like a cinematic film, not a home video. And we tell a story from beginning to end.
What really sets us apart is how we bring things together in the cutting room. Our editing is unmatched, and this is where all the best films are made. What we see all too often is video clips set to background music, we don't do that. We integrate it so the two become one...almost as though the soundtrack was written for the wedding itself. This is what you would see in a film and this is what we do.

When we watch our creations back we must be sent on an emotional roller coaster, if we don't then we have done something wrong. Our aim is to to help you re-live the day all over again in a film. This is the only way to truly preserve those memories.



Our Base Price - £1395

What’s included?
  • Up To 8 Hours Filming Coverage
  • 17-25 min Feature Film (supplied on USB gift boxed)
  • 2 Camera operators (3 cameras)
  • Guests Arriving
  • Ceremony
  • Speeches & Toasts
  • Cutting The Cake
  • First Dance

Choose From Our List Of Extra Add Ons!


Bride Morning Preperations£250 Groom Morning Preparations£200 Live Entertainment (band/magician/flash mob)£150 Evening Fireworks£150 Wedding Breakfast Singers/Singing Waiters£150
Complete Documentary Footage Of Ceremony£150 Complete Documentary Footage Of Speeches£150 Highlight Trailer Version£200 DVD With Menu & Chapter layout£70 Blu-ray With Menu & Chapter layout£85
Camera Jib£75           Click Here For An Example
Drone£250                 Coming Soon!

We have found that every wedding is different. Therefore, our wedding videography and post production is also adapted to suit this. Some elements require far more editing and more filming, and so one package would not suit all. We have also found that different things are more important than others for couples. For this reason, we have found it  beneficial for couples to choose what they want and create their ideal wedding package. This is reflected in our wedding videography prices.

All of our packages are bespoke. Our wedding videography prices reflect our high end production for you, but we like to let out wedding videos do the talking.

Please come and talk to us if you have any specific requirements, questions or concerns. We are sure to accommodate and put your mind at rest.


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In your own words. Share how you met, how the proposal happened. Talk about how you feel about each other, and the anticipation as your wedding day approaches. We can mix this with some cutaway footage or still photography for your own short memento. (approx. 3- 5 mins in length)

  • Supplied in digital format
  • Added to your wedding USB



This has a vintage style effect, yet quite modern. This is a short video compiled of any moment captured together. It could be any scenario, occasion, pre-planned or not. Although shorter than the Love Story Interview, more post production work is involved in this. (approx. 1.5 minutes in length).

Click Here For An Example

  • Supplied in digital format
  • Added to your wedding USB



You will have enough on your mind in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding. So the last thing you need is to be worrying about whether your wedding videographers know what they are doing. This is why it's important that we put your mind at rest.

We like to make sure we have everything covered. So, we would like to meet with you to go through the structure of your day to make sure we know all we need to know. Then, we will arrange to visit the venue so we know the layout, the lighting, and the best possible ways to film.



We are discreet. We're a pretty patient team and our aim is that we will be like the fly on wall during your day. While we have had some testing experiences in the past and you can always be assured of our professional approach. So it's important for us that your wedding videography is as good as we can produce it. We have an invested interest in your wedding day, and so you can be sure of our complete focus and attention.


'All good films are made in the cutting room'...

This is more and more true in the filming industry today, hence this is where we excel!

For us, this is where the film comes alive; this is where it takes shape; and this is where it can either make or break your film. We do not rush post production because the film has to look right. If we aren't feeling it then we will re-do it. That being said, we also work to meet our deadlines.

To often we have seen wedding videos that have video footage to background music, just like a montage of clips. Whereas with our productions you will see that we integrate our films with the music. In other words, the two become one ,almost as though the soundtrack was written specifically for your wedding film!


Even if your film looks good, if the sound is poor then this will just ruin the whole thing. Audio is so important, as important as the visual side of things. Therefore we will make sure this happens. We use quality hidden microphones which will produce crystal clear sound. You can therefore rest assured that the important elements of your day, such as your vows and speeches will be safe in our hands.



The bottom line videographer would not capture all of elements of your day sufficiently.

We understand that the last thing you want is for a complete film crew to descend upon your wedding day. So, although we may provide two or three camera operators, we will be so discreetly placed so not to intrude. We only use the cameras where they are needed, we may not need three operators in the ceremony, so one may be ready for your exit outside. The idea is that we have everything covered for you.

Most of all, this is what you are paying for, so our team will make sure your they film your wedding from all angles. You don't deserve anything less than make sure you get the wedding videography you deserve!

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