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We are a family team

Martin - Videographer & production Editor

Michelle - Videographer

When looking for video production companies you'll want one you can trust. We are a creative, dedicated, committed, hard working team, and we love what we do. Our Christian ethos is important to us and you will be provided with a friendly service with integrity.

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If you want us to, we will take your idea and help to shape it. We will give you our thoughts from a filming perspective and how we would see the project coming to fruition. We will work with you by giving your project some creative input to help shape the finished film. For us, it's important that we produce a high quality finished product. We therefore have an invested interest in your project and you can be sure of our complete focus and attention.


We're a pretty patient team, and some past projects have been quite testing. Whilst filming in the field we lock in. It makes our job easier if you have a script, however often there are always obstacles and unseen challenges, such as light, location, noise, mistakes, timings etc. The way we approach your project will be professional, that you can be assured of. We will do all we can to help and make suggestions and direct the shoot. We are so much more than just staying behind the camera looking at you.


'All good films are made in the cutting room'...

This is more and more true in the filming industry today. For us, this is where the film comes alive; this is where it takes shape; and this is where video production companies can either make or break your film. We do not rush post production because the film has to look right. If we aren't feeling it then we will re-do it. That being said, we work to meet our deadlines.




Q?  Do you produce on screen graphics?

A.  Yes, we can provide various on screen graphics and techniques. We would need to discuss what your actual requirements would be to begin with, however we don't produce our own animation or motion graphics.

Q?  What finished format do you supply to us?

A.  We will supply the finished film in various formats for you depending on your requirements. Whether it be for internet, website and streaming use, Ipad and tablets, mobile phones, all in HD quality. Even DVD and blu-ray DVD.

Q?  When do we get the finished product?

A.  Depending on the filming and editing time, and your requirements,  completion time can be anything around 1-4 weeks for one film. We appreciate that you may need a 1st edit fairly quickly and they might require re-edits too. The bottom line is, if we have agreed on a deadline then we stick to it.


Q?  What about licences for music or stock footage?

A.  All the music we supply is royalty free and this will be included in the quote we give. Should you require a particular piece of music that has an additional licence cost then we would add this to the overall cost. Likewise, if your required any stock footage, such as still images or even moving footage, then we would also budget this into the overall cost.

You are free to provide you own music or any stock footage you require.


Q?  How is payment made?

A.  Payment would be paid in full upon satisfactory completion of the work. We may require a small upfront payment to cover any costs for stock footage, images and soundtrack purchases.

Q?  What’s included in your quote?

A.  The quote we supply is the whole job from start to finish, including filming and post production.

Q?  Do you film in 4K?

A.  No. We film in 1080 HD. This is the high definition format that the vast majority can view on their computer monitors and TVs.

Although we have the ability to film in 4K, and consumer TVs can be 4K ready, it quite simply isn't really here yet. However, there is only any real benefit of viewing 4K if your viewing is over 50", up until this point the difference is unnoticeable. Therefore this is a good benefit for cinemas.

When HD arrived, film festivals were displaying the huge difference between SD and HD quality everywhere. But when 4K was introduced no one was showing this comparison, it was no where to be seen. This was because the difference to the human eyes is so subtle unless on a huge screen.

Video platforms such as Youtube are just beginning to trial 4K, Vimeo has plans for the future but not here yet. So there are platforms to stream 4k on the internet, but quite frankly, it's not noticeable enough. One main difference is that the size of the data would be huge, and the cost of your video would be a lot more.

The bottom line is, 4K will be worth it once everyone can view it and on large enough screens.

Q?  What insurance do you have?

A.  We have full professional indemnity insurance.


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