Fundraising Video Production

Fundraising Video Production

together for the cause

Here at Trapdoor Films we love getting involved in your cause for fundraising. Whether you are a charity or not, we would love to be involved. So if you have a reason to raise money and want to put it out there through video to help fundraise for a good cause, then speak to us.

We get very passionate about what we film, and if we believe in your cause then it makes it all the more better for us as we feel like we're getting behind you and helping it to happen. As a result of our passion we have produced some great fundraising videos, from those that pull on your heart strings to those that are simply hilarious. In addition, will work with you to find out what kind of message you want to get across and how you want to do it.



Although we are already a very affordable video production company in comparison to others, 10% discount will be offered on the overall cost of any fundraising video production produced. We know it's business, but we also want to help to make it work for you, so if you are on a budget come and talk to us anyway.


Here are some examples of fundraising video production that we have been involved in


Providing a clear message


See what we do and how we do it


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